Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)

MAASE is the official subdivision in Michigan. Therefore, MAASE members have three levels of MAASE membership from which they may select:

1. NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP. National/International MAASE members must hold concurrent membership in the International Council for Exceptional Children and the International Council of Administrators of Special Education.

To become an International Member of MAASE:

Go to the CEC website ( and click on “membership.” Follow the directions to process your CEC/CASE membership online through CEC. There are also instructions for applying by telephone, TDD, fax, or mail.


2. STATE MEMBERSHIP. State level MAASE membership is open to:

  1. Any individual who is currently approved and employed as a special education supervisor, director, or planner who has the primary responsibility for administration, direction, supervision and coordination of special education programs and services for exceptional children including state, intermediate and local programs approved by Michigan Department of Education.
  2. University or college personnel having responsibilities related to special education.
  3. State Department of Education personnel having administrative and/or consultative responsibilities in special education.
  4. Persons in the administrative role of building principals who also directly supervise special education programs and special education certified staff who coordinate special education programs.
  5. Persons in administrative positions in federally sponsored programs for exceptional children.
  6. And such others as are recommended to the Executive Board.


3. NONVOTING ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Any individual who does not meet the requirements for regular international or state MAASE membership (i.e., retirees, aspiring administrators, professionals in related fields) may become a nonvoting associate member.

Note:  Membership in MAASE runs July 1 thru June 30 each year.