Communities of Practice (CoP): Supervisors of Low Incidence Programs (SLIP)

Current Chairperson

Tina Lawson
Berrien RESA/Blossomland Learning Center
Address: Blossomland Learning Center
711 St. Joseph Ave.
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Phone: 269-473-2600


Supervisors of Low Incidence Populations (SLIP) includes individuals that supervise center-based programs across the state. The vast majority of members are principals of specialized schools offering special education programming, but membership is open to anyone who supervises a low incidence program.  Meetings are scheduled at lunch during the Tuesday of MAASE in Lansing.  The purpose of SLIP is to support administrators in all areas of supervision including, but not limited to: State Rules/Regulation, Instruction, Positive Behavior Supports, Transition, Staff Supervision, and Professional Development.  The SLIP list-serve provides an avenue for members to communicate, collaborate and problem solve at any time. 

A Winter Conference is available in January and usually has a theme focus.  The 2015 conference theme was on Transition.  SLIP members also coordinate presentations for the Winter Conference, Summer Institute, MCEC, MTSA Conference, and at other center-based programs.  In addition, SLIP members have had active involvement in state-wide tasks such as surveys, white papers, NCLB Waiver recommendations, Standard Setting, DLM Pilot, School Improvement Plans, and programming to 25.  Supports for low-incidence programs can be found on the MAASE website by going to the MAASE Wiki page and selecting "Center Based Programs."