2018 June

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Open Committee Communities of Practice (CoP): Supervisors of Low Incidence Programs (SLIP)

Tina Lawson
Tina Lawson

  • November 5, 2018 Site Visit - Woodsedge Learning Center, Kalamazoo
  • SLIP Winter Conference - January 17-18, 2019
  • March 8, 2019 Site Visit - Heartwood School, Lansing


Skilled Staff Skilled Staff systematically individualize instructional variables to maximize the learning outcomes of students with IEPs. They identify and use evidence-based practices appropriate to their professional preparation and are most effective. Skilled staff use regular progress monitoring to accurately measure the learning progress of students with IEPs, and they individualize instruction variables in response to assessment results. They create safe, effective, and culturally responsive learning environments by using behavior change practices that are evidence-based, embracing the use of positive behavior supports that respect the culture, dignity, and basic human rights of students with IEPs. Skilled staff engage in the objective and systematic evaluation of themselves, colleagues, services, and programs for the purpose of continuous improvement of professional performance. They promote opportunities for parent education using accurate, culturally appropriate information and professional methods.

1. 2018-2019 SLIP Winter Conference 

   a. Date set for January 17-18, 2019

   b. First day for any center-based staff; Second day for Supervisors

   c. Planning Committee Mtg. TBA - June ?

   d. General Theme - ALL TOPICS considered!

2. Site Visits set for 2018-2019 (Listed above)

3. Summer Institute still needs proposals to present!  Please consider or refer someone who you think has a great program to share.   SLIP will have a session and agenda items to be gathered in July. 

4. Program Evaluations - Due June 30th!

5. Work Group Project - IRIP's to be discussed. 

6. Roundtable:

- Deafblind Central - Information will be sent out to SLIP on the criteria for eligibility of services.  Many do not realize that the criteria is more broad and students could be eligible without the distinct identification as deaf and blind. Also, checking on Beth presenting at Summer Institute. 

-MI-Access Social Studies - Discussion on level and entering this information. Not being requested yet. 

-Accelerated Teaching Program - Has anyone used the Saginaw program? If so, please share with Jeff Reinelt at COP ESD.

-Certified Teachers - Discussed the concerns in limited teachers being available and many seeing this getting worse. 

-Request for St. Johns presentation at MTSA on ULS

-ULS training is scheduled at Clare-Godwin (Check online for information)

-Job Coach Training is being offered at Wexford on Aug. 29th. (Check online for information)