Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education

MAASE is a statewide professional educational organization affiliated with the National Council of Administrators of Special Education and the Council for Exceptional Children. MAASE members are dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society.

Those who receive special education services are individuals who possess basic rights and responsibilities, and who command respect at all times. Special education embraces the right to a free appropriate public education.

The Mission of MAASE is to provide leadership for the development and implementation of quality programs and services for students with disabilities within the total education community.

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President's Corner

MAASE President Andrew Claes
Andrew Claes

May 21, 2018

The sun is shining and the weather is warming.  As I sit in my office, I find frequent distraction in the budding trees and birds outside the window.  My alertness is vexed by the blue sky and passing clouds, as opposed to the gray gloom of February. My tolerance for office work is waning and my desire for outdoor adventure intrudes my thoughts too often.  I’ve noticed that my son and soon to be high school graduate, is battling his attention to the final days of classes and the impending unknowns of summer jobs and college. I hope you are able to sustain these final days of the school year and find some respite this summer.  Though, I recognize, the end of the school year portends the start and planning for a new one.

The end of another school year marks an array of transitions for students as they graduate, go off to work, the military, trade schools, and higher education.  So too, are many within the MAASE membership transitioning to other opportunities, taking on new roles, entering retirement, implementing a new initiative, or moving to a new job.  The conclusion of the school year also denotes the transition to a new MAASE president. I have had the good fortune to work alongside Brenda Tarsa, and I am confident the Association will be in good hands as she charts the course forward.  Additionally, we are all fortunate to have Sue Leach as a consistent presence, historian, and resident expert on all things MAASE. Sue provides institutional memory, organization, reminders, and gentle prodings, that have certainly helped deliver continuity and support to all of our members.   All of the roles within MAASE are made stronger and sustainable through the dedication of a core group of committed individuals. My journey in service with MAASE has been a pleasure. This is truly an organization that I am proud to be a member of. I thank you all and thank you for engaging with MAASE.  

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